The Export URL

CSV Getter allows you to create 'Export URLs' to enable your automatic data processes. This page explains what they are and how they work.

What is an Export URL?

Use an export URL to download data. The CSV Getter app lets you upload or connect to a data source that can be used to generate export URLs.

// CSV Getter Export URL example:

// Try it yourself! (Paste in browser or use in Postman.)

This makes it easy to transfer data in export processes like backup and analysis.

What if I don't want CSV data?

Simply add a parameter to the end of the export URL to get the data in another format

// Get the data in JSON

// Try it yourself!

How do I make one?

Login at CSV Getter to connect to your data and generate export URLs. CSV Getter can connect to Airtable and Notion, and can also handle static CSV upload.

Or, try one of our open sandbox demos before connecting your own data:

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