Creating a URL

A CSV Getter URL will allow you to access your airtable data in many useful formats.
A CSV Getter URL can be made easily using the interface. You simply need to paste the right IDs in from Airtable and include a Personal Access Token with scope: data.records:read. All IDs submitted to are stored securely and privately. Your CSV Getter URL will contain a unqiue hash to ensure its security. The URL can then be used to deliver your Airtable data in CSV, JSON or as a dynamic plot or table.

Contact Email

A contact email must be included in the form. Please make sure this is a valid email in order to recieve notifications about the service and your URL status.

Personal Access Tokens

Learn how to generate the right Personal Access Token to use with CSV Getter

Base ID

Your Base ID is a short code of the format appXXXXXX.... and is used to define which base your CSV Getter URL will be accessing. It can always be found in the URL when the base is open in the web.
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Table ID

Similarly, find your Table ID tblXXXXXX.... in the table URL.
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View ID
View ID is optional - but is helpful to include if you want your table records to match your favourite view. For example, including View ID (viwXXXXXX....) from the URL when Grid view is selected will ensure the records follow the order of Grid view.
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