Creating a URL

A CSV Getter URL will allow you to access your airtable data in many useful formats.
A CSV Getter URL can be made easily using the interface. You simply need to paste a link to your Airtable base and include a Personal Access Token with scope: data.records:read. All information submitted to is stored securely and privately. Your CSV Getter URL will contain a unqiue hash to ensure its security.
The generated URL can then be used to deliver your Airtable data in CSV, JSON or as a dynamic plot or table.

Contact Email

A contact email must be included in the form. Please make sure this is a valid email in order to recieve notifications about the service and your URL status.

Personal Access Tokens

Learn how to generate the right Personal Access Token to use with CSV Getter
Your Base Link can be obtained easily by opening your table in a browser
Copy this link
Once you have entered the following information click 'Generate URL'
Congratulations! You are good to go exporting data. Next up, learn how to use your URL and why it is useful
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