URL Parameters

Add parameters to the end of your URL to supercharge your automation processes.

URL parameters are small codes you can add to your CSV Getter URL to customise how they behave when used. Your first URL parameter must have a ? in front of it. Any subsequent parameters must be separated by an &. Here is an example:


Parameter list




Redirect the URL user to a new page which tells them their download is processing. This is great if you are generating a large download from an interface. Add


to the end of your URL to enable this feature. In interface designer this works well when you turn on "Open in new tab"



Send you an email when a URL has been used. Find out more here.


true, start, end

adds a timestamp to the end of your filename. For example, if your CSV Getter file is named Backup, adding this parameter will name the file Backup_2023-11-29T113535. Specify adding your timestamp at the start or end of the filename. For example, adding filename_timestamp=start will name the file 2023-11-29T113618_Backup


Pass custom SQL to completely customise your export.

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