Superfast mode

Store a core CSV with us

'Superfast' mode allows for quick requests and inherent backups

When you enable Superfast mode on CSV Getter, your URLs will reference a core CSV stored with us, rather than talk to the Airtable API. You will also have access to a comprehensive revision history of your full table.

Why is this faster?

The Airtable API only allows for 100 rows at a time. CSV Getter in regular mode will talk directly to Airtable (as to not store your data) and will need to process the data in chunks of 100. This is fine for small data but can cause some long loading times for the larger bases.
Storing your data with us means we can bypass this problem and serve your data quickly.

Won't my data become static?

No - because in the background, CSV getter will be talking to the Airtable API and will be quietly updating your data every day. There will be a data lag - but your data will be live to the nearest day and request time will be greatly reduced. This is good if your CSV Getter use-case is something like: powering a dashboard with JSON data. (because the dashboard will load instantly and will update every day

Does this mean that CSV Getter also serves as a backup solution?

Yes! If something drastic happens to your base, you can gain instant access to 7 days of revision history via the new backup api. This will be a revision of your full table. See example:<your-id>?date=2023-01-01
We will not delete revsions over 7 days old - but they will not be instantly available. Currently, backups older than 7 days old will be archived or available by email.

How much will it cost?

Superfast mode will cost more than Regular mode once your free-trial is up. Right now the proposed price is $50/month

Daily not often enough?

I'd happily update superfast mode to update more often - email me to tell me if this is something you need!

How do I enable it?

Currently this feature is in beta - and is available to use on request. Just send an email to [email protected]
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