Personal Access Tokens

Granting CSV Permission to read Airtable table data.

What is a Personal Access Token and is it secure?

A Personal Access token is a code you can generate from your Airtable Account. It like a password CSV Getter uses to read the contents of a specific base. Personal Access Tokens work well with CSV Getter as they can be made 'read only' and can be restricted to only certain bases. They will be stored with CSV Getter (along with your Base, Table and View IDs). This will allow CSV Getter to read the Airtable data without the need to store it - and you can control which bases CSV Getter is reading.
CSV Getter will store your Personal Access Token with end-to-end encryption. You can delete your Personal Access Token from your Airtable Account Page at any time, rendering the Token stored with CSV Getter useless, should you want to restrict CSV Getter's access to the base you have chosen.

How do I generate the right Personal Access Token?

Head here, or from within Airtable, click Account > Create Token (Under API)
Click 'Create Token' to visit the Personal Access Token Page
Create a new token and call it whatever you like, for example CSV Getter. Make sure you set the scope to data.records:read and select the base you would like to use with CSV Getter.
Clicking 'Create Token' will display the token. Save and Copy this token for use in CSV Getter.
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For a demonstrated walkthrough of this with commentary, checkout the following brief product demo: