How to export Airtable to Equals

If you're wondering how to automatically export Airtable data and have it ready to use in an Equals workbook then follow these simple steps.
Once you have created a CSV Getter URL, make sure you are using type=json_records.This can be done directly in the URL or by using the wizard.
Use your CSV Getter URL with type=json_records
In your Equals table, Click 'Connections' and connect a new datasource.
Connect a new datasource in Equals
The generated script is a simple script to request data from a URL. Replace the Script URL with your CSV Getter URL:
Copy and Paste your CSV Getter URL
Use your CSV Getter generated URL in the auto-generated Equals script
Then press 'Run Query' to access your latest full Airtable data in Equals.
Run query will run the script and fill your Equals document with data
With Equals, you can schedule this import to ensure your data is always live for whoever views the workbook.