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Export Airtable to Excel (MacOS)

Keep an Excel document up to date with Airtable data.

Don't like articles? Just follow the video guide

Step 1:

Generate an export URL with There are many ways to do this with our powerful User Interface.

Step 2:

On Excel on macOS, click the "Data" tab in the upper toolbar, and select "Get Data (Power Query)

Step 3:

Under "Get Data", use the option "Run Web Query"

Step 4:

You will see that Excel will provide two sample query files for selection. The easiest way to get started is to simply edit these. This can be achieved by right-clicking one of the files and clicking "Show in Finder".

Step 5:

Once in finder, the files can be edited with a text editor of your choosing.

Step 6:

In your text editor, replace all of the query text with your export URL created. IMPORTANT: you mast add the following paramter to your URL: ?type=excel_web_query

Step 7:

Save the file. Now you can select the query you edited. In this case, we edited SampleWebQuery01.iqy. We will select this query to import the data.

Step 8:

Select your starting cell and press import

Step 9:

And your excel workbook will be automatically populated with your airtable data! You can refresh the data whenever you need by right clicking any cell and clicking refresh.