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Export Airtable to Excel

Keep an Excel document up to date with Airtable data.
If you are using Windows, open a new Excel workbook and select the "Data" tab.

Step 2

Select the "From Web" option on the Data tab.

Step 3

Paste the CSV Getter URL in the URL field.

Step 4

The user should see a preview of their field mapping. If the data looks good, click "Load".
And that's it! Your Excel workbook should now be updated with live Airtable data from

Optional Extra Step

Click "Transform Data" before clicking load to specify the data type of each field.
You can use the transform field to cast each column type to ensure you are loading your data properly
Click "Close and Load"

Refreshing the Data

You can refresh your data manually by using the Queries & Connections tab or you can schedule a refresh under "Query Properties"