Backup Airtable with Make

Automatically save Airtable data to Dropbox or Google Drive on a schedule.

Step 1:

On Make, create a new scenario

Step 2:

Press the large "+" button to add a new action and under HTTP, choose Get a file

Step 3:

Add your CSV Getter export URL as the URL for HTTP. These are easy to create and is shown here.

Step 4:

Add a second action, a destination cloud drive of your choosing. Google Drive is used in this tutorial. On the Google Drive action, click Upload a file

Step 4:

Fill out the fields required for the action. For the file, you can choose the file retrieved from the HTTP module.

Step 6:

Test your scenario by pressing 'Run once'. Once this is complete, you will see your CSV Backup in Google Drive.

Step 7:

Turn on scheduling on and your automatic backup process is live! 🎉

(Optional) Step 8:

Get notified of each backup using further Make actions.

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